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  • Natural blend of tea specially formulated for slimming and detoxification purpose
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Caffeine free, no added sugar, additives, preservative and colouring
  • A proven JAPAN Formula with specially selected herbs to promote a healthier and trimmer body
  • Regular Internal Cleansing, removes toxin and prevents accumulation of waste in the body helping you keep your body in Shape.
  • Help your weight down and maintain a healthy weight
  • Weight loss without discomfort
  • Reduces water retention that causes weight gain
  • Improves bowel movement and alleviates constipation
  • Energises the digestive system, burn more calories
  • Healthy and tasty

1 Each 3gm tea-bag contains :
Zingiber, Orange Peel, Green Tea Leaves, Senna Leaves, Coriander Seeds, Garcinia Cambogia Fruit

Direction of use:
Place Beaute Tea into 250ml – 300ml of hot water. Serve after 3 – 5 minutes and drink as often as you like. Take 1 (one) tea-bag daily.

  • 纯天然茶配方专门用于瘦身和排毒
  • 100%纯天然成分配方
  • 不含咖啡因,无添加糖,添加剂,防腐剂和色素
  • 已获证实的日本传统配方,含有独特日本草药植物一促进更健康与苗条的身段
  • 经常定期的净化内部,不止去除体内毒素也防止废物堆积在身体内部,同时能保持你的窈窕身段
  • 帮助你的体重下降和保持健康的体重
  • 体重下降不会感到任何的不适
  • 减少导致体重增加的水肿问题
  • 增加大肠蠕动和防止便秘
  • 提高消化功能,加倍燃烧卡路里
  • 健康和美味

将1茶包袋置入杯中,以250ml- 300ml热水冲泡,放置3-5分钟即刻饮用。每天饮用1茶包。

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