Multi Grains Meal

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  • Brown rice, germ rice, wheat germ, corn, pearl rice: Rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber to helps the gastrointestinal motility, enhances the body's metabolism and improve the nervous system function.
  • Black rice, red brown rice, black cereal, wild purple rice: Rich in anthocyanin which improve the haemoglobin content, maintain osmotic pressure of blood vessels.
  • Millet, black millet, green millet, sorghum rice: Natural gluten-free protein can nourish the stomach, promote digestion and detoxification.
  • Buckwheat, black buckwheat: Rich in lysine, niacin and rutin, which helps lower cholesterol, soften blood vessels, and dilate small blood vessels.
  • Semen coicis: Coix seed contains alizarin, which has a good heat-clearing effect, reduce blood pressure and antidiuretic effect.
  • Barley, oat, oat germ: Rich in water-soluble fibre, β-glucan, which can absorb
    bile salts, reduce blood cholesterol and lower blood sugar.

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