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  • Natural plant ingredients, easily absorbed by the body
  • Natural, safe and reliable, without any additives and side effects
  • Eat as usual without diet control
  • Lose weight easily that can bring you a desired body shape within 2 months
  • No stretch mark after weight loss
  • Suppresses appetite, achieves slimming effect.
  • Promotes metabolism, eliminates metabolic waste.
  • Promotes thermogenesis and enhances fat burning
  • Contains prebiotics. Increases & stimulates  healthy  gastrointestinal bacteria

Hoodia Extract, Capsaicin, Multi Enzymes, Prebiotics, Fruits Fiber, Orange Concentrate Powder

Direction of use:
Take 1 – 2 sachets per day before lunch and dinner

  • 天然植物成分,身体容易溶解和吸收
  • 纯天然,安全可靠, 无任何添加物和副作用
  • 照吃,无须节食
  • 轻松松的瘦身,带给您玲珑身材,两个月见效
  • 无瘦身后的妊娠纹
  • 抑制食欲,刺激减肥
  • 抑制脂肪的合成,防止从肠道对胆固醇的吸收,防止胆固醇沉积在血管中
  • 促进人体新陈代谢,消除体内代谢废物
  • 良好的细菌在消化系统刺激增长和活动量


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