Colostrum IgG Plus

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  • Improves Body Immune System
  • Promote the Growth, Development and Intelligence of Children
  • Enhance Physical Fitness, Improve Athletic Performance
  • Relieve Fatigue
  • Delay Aging Process
  • Regulate Blood Sugar In Healthy Level
  • Rapid Recovery After Surgery
  • Improve Gastrointestinal Problems


Skimmed Colostrum Milk Powder

Direction of use:

  • Add suggested scoop to 200ml lukewarm (400C) or room temperature water and stir.
  • Avoid using hot boiling water. For great tasting, use chilled water.
  • Colostrum IgG-Plus is highly recommended for consumption on an empty stomach. Once or twice daily before meal.

Adult: An Average of 15g - 30g per day to serve of 2 - 4 scoops each.

Children: An Average of 7.5g - 15g per day to serve 1 - 2 scoops each.


  • 改善身体免疫力
  • 促进儿童生长发育和提高智力
  • 增强体质,提高运动性能
  • 消除疲劳
  • 延缓衰老
  • 调节血糖在健康水平
  • 病后和手术后快速恢复
  • 改善肠胃问题


  • 把建议的服用剂量,加入200ml 温水(400C )
  • 请避免使用热开水。
  • 建议空腹服用, 1天1-2次

大人: 1天 15g - 30g (2- 4匙)

小孩: 1天 7.5g -15g (1- 2匙)

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