WINLIFE® Fruit & Vegetable Ecological Cleaning Machine

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  • It is an environmental friendly, energy saving and economical consumption machine which brings you and your family green food free from poison and virus.
  • Best choice for household appliance
  • Adopt gas explosion manner, which force high concentrate ozone (O3) into pipe water to realize sterilization
  • O3 have strong oxidation characteristic which can instantly oxygenolysis the carbon (C), hydrogen (H), nitrogen (N) in the microbes and virus
  • Compared with other microbicide, O3 has stronger effects, 600 – 3000 times more than chlorine
  • Besides common germ, it can also kill the germs and spores which anti – chlorine.
  • Fast sterilization ability can start cleaning reaction in few minutes.
  • After the operation, the turns to free oxygen thus has increased the oxygen in water.
  • While those O3 not oxidate will be filtered by the carbon fiber cotton and then release into air.
  • The while design makes sure there is no secondary pollution
  • WINLIFE® 蔬菜化毒清洗机是绿色环保型,节能和节约型机器,是家用电器的最佳的选择。
  • 蔬菜化毒清洗机采用气体爆炸的方式,迫使高浓度臭氧(O3)进入管水发挥除菌功能。
  • 臭氧具有极强的氧化特性,它可以瞬间氧化分解碳(C),氢(H),氮(N)的微生物和病毒。
  • 它可以消除有机物,防止三氯甲烷的致癌物质,也消除多种有机或无机酚类物质。
  • 与其它杀微生物剂相比,臭氧具有更强的的效果,比氯多600 - 3000 。
  • 除了常见的病菌,它也可以杀死抗 - 氯细菌和孢子。快速的杀菌能力,只需几分钟就可以开始清洗工作。
  • 运行后臭氧变成游离氧从而增加了水中的氧气。尽管这些臭氧没有氧化,但它将会被碳纤维棉过滤,然后再释放到空气中。
  • 该设计可确保不存在二次污染。它是一种环保产品,带给您和您的家人无毒的绿色食品。

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